Soothe and Relax Coconut Bath Salt Detox- 5 lbs

5 out of 5

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The fine grain blend of Himalayan pink salt along with organic coconut extracts.; Coconut is well-known for its moisturizing and skin hydrating properties.; Organic bath salt may help to heal the cracked skin and leaves skin soft and hydrated.; Natural solution organic bath salt can be used for…

3 reviews for Soothe and Relax Coconut Bath Salt Detox- 5 lbs

5 out of 5
  1. Jessica

    There is a lot more here than i was expecting! It smells WONDERFUL and it worked out to where i didn’t need to pay an arm and a leg to get Christmas gifts for all the extended family! I divided this up into little containers with information on what it was, and everyone got bath salts for Christmas! I have used it once after a long day of photo taking and the amount of relief i felt after soaking was amazing! Definitely will purchase again once i am finally out of this!

  2. Gypsychic

    Okay, first off this seriously smell AMAZING!! I was impressed with how much it came with, definitely will last me awhile! It leaves a nice subtle smell afterwards mostly smells like coconuts I think, but all in all it really helped my bath be more relaxing and enjoyable. Won’t need to purchase again for awhile because it came with so much but will definitely be buying again.

  3. rebecca

    It came quickly and smells good. There is a lot of product so it will last for a while. It was packaged just fine in the box, but I’m giving it four stars because when I took off the top, I didn’t like that there wasn’t some kind of plastic or paper seal, it was just open, so anyone could of just taken off the top and easily got “into” the product, but that may not bother everyone, just something I didn’t like!! But it’s ok I guess.

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